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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Scrapbooking Bible Study - Session 10

Hey Bible Study Friends!
So, I really liked the "masterpiece" idea from last week's lesson.  For my layouts, I wanted to remind my kids that each of them are MASTERPIECES too!  This is what I came up with - I used a kit I had created last year called "AWESOME SAUCE."

The photos on the right side all show things that really got my kids excited.  For Jack, it's sports, music, and animals.  For Luke, it's his creativity, building things, and our dog. :)

This week, our class got to focus on JOYOUS THINGS... Sights and smells, sounds and tastes that fill us with JOY.   Here is a short list of MY personal favorites.  What are yours?

  • SIGHTS - home
  • SMELLS - my (clean) dog, warm chocolate chip cookies, coffee
  • SOUNDS - the sound of QUIET. ;)
  • TASTES - salt, sugar, carbs, grease, chocolate, and more coffee. :)
  • TOUCHES - my dog, clean sheets

Session 10 has four key lessons:
  1. Love Extravagantly
  2. Find the Funny
  3. Lighten Someone's Load
  4. Celebrate Daily

We had the best time with the "Finding the Funny" aspect of this lesson in class.  Life IS absurd - and you can find examples all the time.  Below are some links that you'll want to see - prepare for some BIG BELLY LAUGHS!

Tim Hawkins:  Favorite Bible Verse

Tim Hawkins on Raising Hands In Church & Hand Sanitizer

I have to say that I'm REALLY excited to be seeing Tim Hawkins IN CONCERT later this month!  Getting to meet him would make for a wonderful layout for this album. :)

Another important lesson in this session was the reminder to lighten someone else's load.  Consider this story:

What can YOU do to make a difference to just one other person this week?

I have one last video for you - it's by one of my favorite video people - Igniter Media.  They make videos for churches and Bibles studies, and each one is AMAZING.  This video is just a reminder about our Awesome and Amazing God and all that he has created.  Knowing that the God who did all of this, hopefully, will fill you up with joy. ♥

We're just have a few layouts left... I'm so proud of you all for doing this study with me!
See you next week!
:) Mags
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