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Monday, January 31, 2011

New & Improved: Tear Bear BASEBALL Kit!

Another older kit that has been completely re-vamped and re-released: It's the TEAR BEAR BASEBALL KIT!! Since one of my sons plays on a select baseball team, he plays nearly year-around. I have a LOT of baseball-related layouts to create! This kit is packed with 5 new bears (the catcher bear is my personal favorite!) and 70 other papers and elements!

I also have a brand-new BASEBALL ALPHA that matches...

And if you still need more baseball-related pieces, this just so happens to match my Baseball PAPER PEOPLE!

If you've got a Little Leaguer at your house, I hope you'll stop by the MagsGraphics Store or DigiScrapStation and snag them up.

In the meantime, I've got a cute Quick Page Set as a freebie for you:


Happy Scrapping,
:) Mags
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Showing off the Frostee Kit!

Anyone else still buried in snow?? Seems like we've had snow around here since way before Christmas even! One of my CT Members, Carolyn, recently used the FROSTEE kit as well as my FROSTY DAYS SNOWY EDGES to scrap this year's blizzard in her area:

Are you still saddled with snow... then check out the FROSTEE kit in my stores!


All of my WINTER Kits are on sale for 25% off until Valentine's Day at - along with the Choco-Cherry Kit!

Hope you find something you like at the store!

:) Mags

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

New & Improved : Chocolate Cherry Kit! + Freebie

A few years ago, I worked on a blog train with the ADSDesigners called "Chocolate Cherry." This week, I spent some time updating and revising each file as well as adding some new elements and papers. Now an 80-PIECE kit!!!, you can find it at my stores, & DigiScrapStation:

Not all items are shown - specifically the 25+ conversation hearts with assorted phrases!
(There are also some blank ones for you to add your own type.)

This will be PERFECT for your Valentine's Day layouts - enough "pink" to make it LOVE-like, but enough green and brown to make it masculine for the stud-puppies in your life!

Here are some layouts that some very talented ladies created using this kit:

Created by Linda

Created by Jemima

Created by JanieinMN

Created by Carolyn

From now until Valentine's Day, you can get this kit 25% off, so don't delay... SNAG IT UP!

*If you have purchased the old kit, you do not have to re-buy the new one. Just take a screenshot showing you have the pieces to the old kit on your computer, and email it to me. I'll make sure you get the updated version!

And now for your FREEBIE!! - a set of twill ribbons that matches this kit!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MADELINE Valentine's Day Add-On

Can't forget the Valentine's Day layouts for little girls! Today you can snag the MADELINE Valentine's Day Add-on pack! 3 days to download - then it's a $1.00 in my stores:

This freebie has expired - but it's only $1 in my stores!

There are 18 other MADELINE Packs in my stores - an easy way to mix & match what you need for the perfect layouts!!

I value your input and feedback; please leave a comment while your freebie is downloading!

:) Mags

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

LUKE Valentine's Day Add-On

Today I have the Valentine's Day Add-On that matches all of the kits in the LUKE Series! There are 18 different LUKE Packs so far in my stores! Mix & Match whatever kits will work best for you, and your layout possibilities will be endless!

Today's Luke kit is free for 3 days; then it will go into my stores at &

Sorry - this freebie has expired... but you can snag it for just $1 in my stores!

Your COMMENTS are IMPORTANT to me! Please leave one while your FREE kit is downloading!

Be sure to stop by in a few days to get the MADELINE Valentine's Day Add-On!

Happy Scrappin'!
:) Mags
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

JACK Valentine's Add-On

I've got the next part of the JACK Series of kits: The Valentine's Day Add-On! This will be free for 3 days, and then it goes into the store for just $1.00. Remember, this MATCHES all of the other JACK kits in the JACK Build-A-Kit series! LOTS of layouts possibilities for all types of themes!

This freebie has expired - but you can find it for just $1 at my stores!

Coming up next is the Valentine's Day add-on for the Luke kit so be sure to stop by again soon!

Want to be notified as soon as a new FREEBIE is posted??? "FOLLOW" this blog or submit your email to the right, and you'll be automatically notified when there's a post here!

Please post one below!

Happy Scrappin'!
:) Mags
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MADELINE "Winter Add-On" Pack!

Can't leave out the girls! Here is the Winter Add-On Pack for all of the MADELINE Kits! Remember, there are 17 more packs to this color theme - and each are only $1.00 at or DigiScrapStation! You can snag this add-on for free for 3 days - after that it's a dollar in the stores as well!

Sorry - this freebie has expired - but it's only $1 in stores!

I love to read your feedback and comments!
I'm ready to design the next themed series for Jack, Luke, and Madeline, so if you have any REQUESTS, now's your chance.......!!! :)

Happy Scrappin'!
:) Mags

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Showing off my CT: Janie ... and a CT Opportunity...!

I am really thankful to have a sweet and wonderful lady who creates layouts with my kits and shows them off, and I just wanted to take a post to introduce her and show her off! Meet "JanieinMN:"

This was her very first layout - Can you believe it?!

Janie loves to scrap her family: her husband, kids, and grandkids along with the local wildlife in her area. She had been paper scrapping and rubber stamping until she was introduced to the "digital side" and completed her first layout in 2008. Her favorite part of digi-scrapping is being able to use the kits over and over again in new and exciting ways and learning new techniques. I'm very grateful that she loves to work with the things I create... for example, here are some of her favorite layouts using MagsGraphics kits:

Using items from the "JACK" Build-A-Kits

Using items from the "Monster Truck Madness" Kit

One of my favorite of her layouts used parts of my "Chocolate Cherry" kit:

I LOVE the tiling of the baby pictures and the element clusters!
THANKS, Janie!

And if you like the colors in this particular layouts, then I have an offer for you...!

I'm revising and updating the 2008 Chocolate Cherry Kit, (a Valentine-themed kit) and looking for 3-4 digital scrappers to create 2 layouts with it. This is just a one-time commitment. I will provide the 80-piece kit free to "you" in exchange for the following:

  • You create TWO layouts using your own photos and items from the new Chocolate Cherry Kit and email me the previews by January 28th so they can be revealed with the new kit.
  • Layouts created need to be uploaded to my galleries at DigiscrapStation and MagsGraphics as well as a third gallery of your choice.
  • Promote the kit on your own blog by showing off your layout on February 1, 2011 with a link back to this blog.

Interested? Available to complete the commitments listed above? Email me the following information to mags @ magsgraphics .com, and I'll choose 3-4 people to participate.

1. Your name & name you design under.
2. Your blog URL if you have one.
3. Link or preview to two of your best/favorite layouts.
4. Something interesting about yourself.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

:) Mags

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

LUKE "Winter Add-On" Pack

I've got the next Winter Add-On Pack for you today! This one matches all of the LUKE Build-a-Kits! I tried something new with this kit - doodled the snowman and mittens and then scanned them into PSP and added the color. I'm pretty excited about how they turned out!

This will be a freebie for 3 days, then it goes into my stores for just $1.00. You can also pick out any of the 17 other LUKE Sets for just a buck each too!

Sorry - this freebie has expired - but it's only $1 in stores!

I love reading your feedback!
Coming soon are the Wintery MADELINE pieces!

:) Mags
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Friday, January 7, 2011

JACK "Winter Add-On" Pack

One of my 2011 Resolutions is to continue to expand the Jack, Luke, and Madeline Build-a-Kits. Today I've got the JACK Winter Add-On Pack to share! This is available, (along with the 17 other Jack Packs), for just $1.00 at the MagsGraphics Store or DigiScrapStation!

Sorry, this freebie has expired.

Please leave one while your free kit is downloading.

:) Mags

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Random Showing Off: Alaska 2010

Now that all of the Christmas gift albums have been delivered, I can finally show off all of the scrapbooking I've been doing since September! I scrapped over 130 layouts - some went into albums; others were framed as individual gifts.

One of the albums I did was for my mother & father-in-law: a 34-page album on our November 2010 cruise to Alaska. Most of the layouts were scrapped with the "Island Cruising" kit by Ellie Lash and Graham-Like-The-Cracker. Other layouts incorporated items from Just So Scrappy, Beacon Scrap, Kristie's Kreations, and myself.

Here's a slideshow of what I made:

I know it's not a "freebie" for you - but your comments are welcome all the same! :)
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