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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Weather Forecaster... What a job...!

I cannot think of another job where a person can be wrong 99% of the time and STILL be employed... AND be on TV...!
Right now in my area the weather people have issued their

which means that people in Cincinnati (the city that apparently has never seen snow before)...

  • are flocking to Kroger to buy milk, bread, and eggs (yet WHEN have you ever been so snowed in that you couldn't get to the grocery store within 24 hours?)
  • are trying desperately to leave work early so that they won't be trapped in their office buildings when the snow hits (this has NEVER happened ever in Cinci).
  • Local Weather Forecasters are all a-quiver practically shrieking their snow warnings every 5 minutes through the evening news
  • Snow Plows are mobilized, gassed up, and have their engines running.

And in reality, what will happen is...
We will get all of 2 flakes of snow.
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Welcome To My World!

This is my 3rd attempt at hosting a blog - I just can't seem to get my focus... should it be witty? Funny? A Satirical approach to life? Serious? Full of outrage at hot issues?

Should I just chat about my family? My friends? My addiction to Buffy? Harry Potter? Twilight? eBay?

Should I make it a crafty-blog - where scrapbook layouts I've made can be showcased, and digital kits I've created be available?

In the end, I'm just going to do it all... post whatever I'm feeling, whatever I think... just... whatever! And if I'm lucky... people will read it.

And if I'm REALLY lucky... people will flock to my posts each day and I will become famous, publish a book of witicisms, and retire early...! *grinz*
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