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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Introducting PAPER PEOPLE!!

Back when I was a paper scrapper, I found this book that showed ways to use your circle cutter. One way was to make people and I made this layout:

Fast-forward to the digi-scrappin' years, and I've been working on my own PAPER PEOPLE reminiscent of those old cropping days. I have 5 new kits (and a freebie!) to share with you, and most of them coordinate with other existing kits!

All of the Paper People Sets can be purchased at any of my stores:
DigiScrap Station
Moo Two Designs

And your FREEBIE is a sampler of two of the Graduation Paper People:
Your comments are always appreciated. I'm already working on some more Paper People Kits and I'd love your feedback or even suggestions on which people to make!

Happy Scrappin'!
:) Mags
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BIG Challenges at DSS with HUGE PRIZES!!!

This is crazy! DigiScrapStation is having two BIG challenges with some amazing FONT SOFTWARE as the prizes!!

You can find out all of the details HERE in the forums (if you're not a member, you'll have to join) - Don't miss this!
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Kit: Build-A-Tree

Just finished a new kit : BUILD-A-TREE!
Perfect for creating your own spring, summer, or fall trees!

You can find it at all of my stores:
MagsGraphics Store
Digiscrap Station
Moo Two Designs

And if you need a WINTER TREE, you can always pick up the
Frosty Days Winter Tree Add-On:

I hope you'll stop by the stores!
:) Mags
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Something B I G this way comes.... :)

Watch for a BIG surprise in next week's Keeping on Track Newsletter, coming out on April 29, at! Sign up for the newsletter today, so you are not left out!

We will be featuring some font management software and we will be having some big prizes, but you have to participate in our challenge first.

More coming soon...

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Monday, April 19, 2010

MagsGraphics Tutorial: Easy Plaid Papers

The first thing I make with any kit is a striped paper and a plaid paper. I love plaids - and I learned this trick a long time ago on how to make easy plaid papers with NO filters needed. Use if you can!

Easy Plaid Papers by MagsGraphics

Goal: To create a 12x12 plaid paper in PSP or Photoshop.

Note: I use PSPX3, but this tutorial can easily be adapted to your design program.

TOU: This tutorial is ©MagsGraphics, 2010. Please direct others here for the directions. What you MAKE with this tutorial is YOURS to do with what you want! Free stuff, Paid stuff, whatever!

  1. Open a new canvas 2"x1" (2" wide). We need to make your striped tile. Choose your four or five colors. Fill a new layer with each color. Then drag the different layers over so that you can see all five layers of color. They do NOT have to be of equal distance - sometimes the most interesting plaids happen with colors of unequal widths.

  2. Get your rectangle selection tool, and draw a rectangle over your tile - we need to make sure there aren't any gaps and this is the easiest way. After you have your selection, to to Image --> Crop to Selection. Now it is seamlessly tiled all at once:

  3. Open a new canvas 12"x12", 300 .dpi.

  4. Change your fill pattern to this new pattern you've created. For skinnier stripes, lower your scale to 50% or whatever looks good to you. Flood-fill your canvas. You now have a nice striped paper.

    You can add texture or grunge it up however you like it. For plaid, continue to step 5.

  5. Duplicate this striped layer.

  6. Go to Image --> Free Rotate --> and Rotate 90 degrees (left or right, doesn't matter).

  7. Reduce the opacity of this top layer to 50%.

  8. Merge the layers and add your texture (I used a texture called "Daze" for this paper).

  9. Save as a .jpg and you're done!
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Express Items at DigiScrap Station!

I've got 3 awesome kits listed for the Friday Express Sale! That means for FRIDAY ONLY, they will be just $2.00 each! You can't beat that so run right over to and snag them up! Click on the "Friday Express" link on the left hand side to see all of the awesome deals.... includes these 3 kits:




You can't beat $2.00 kits!

Happy Scrappin'!

:) Mags

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

40% Select SPRING & EASTER Kit + Freebie!

From April 1-15th,
I'm offering 40% off of the following
Spring & Easter Kits at all of my stores!!

"Hurry Up And Get Here, Spring!" + the Add-On Pack

"Spring Things" MEGA Kit - 5 sets bundled together!

"Soft Denim" Kit & Add-Ons

"Summer Garden" Kit & Add-On Packs

And you can snag a cute pair of Quick Pages using the "SPRING THINGS" felt kit for FREE:

Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!
Happy Scrappin'!
:) Mags
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FREEBIE - Free Spirit Quick Pages!

Last month, the ADSDesigners brought you a fabulous BLOG TRAIN called "Free Spirit!" This month, you can snag an assortment of Quick Pages by stopping by the participating blogs. You can find a list of this month's blogs on the right side of this blog -------->

Here are the quick pages I've got for you:

And here is a preview of the full kit that can be purchased at any of my stores:

I appreciate your comments and feedback - Enjoy!
:) Mags
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