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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Scrapbooking Bible Study: CHOOSE JOY Session 3

Hey Scrappy Friends!
How are you doing on your layouts?  I enjoyed making mine for Session 2 - I loved the "train track" idea; this is what I came up with:

Train tracks are from a kit called "Trains" by JenCD.
The rest of the kit is from a brand-new kit I have releasing on Saturday called "Fruit of the Spirit."
And it was pure luck that I dug up this photo of my husband looking through the toilet seat! *wink*

I love the idea of the parallel train tracks - that we are continually balancing between the joys and sorrows in our lives.  During our class discussion today, one of the ladies brought up a really good point... that while we try not to be detoured by our sorrows, sometimes God uses these detours to refine us or teach us something.  Another time to practice intentionally choosing joy... even when it's hard!

This week, Session 3 is a "heavier" week with some deep soul-searching for times in your life where your faith-life was forced out in the open.  You may find that you certainly weren't focusing on JOY back then, but perhaps you can find the blessings in the mess now that you look back.  One of the lessons from this week is that non-Christians ARE looking to you to see how you handle adversity, trials, pain, hardship, and loss.  So even though you may be dealing with a trial, you have this amazing opportunity to serve as a representative of Christ.  Bringing others into the flock of Christ IS a reason to feel joy!

Here is your PDF for this week.  
You are reading p. 35-47 (if you are on a Kindle or Nook where the page numbers are all different, you are reading Chapter 2: "Showing Our True Colors").

I hope you'll join the MagsGraphics Gallery Group on Facebook and show off your layouts!  I love to see them, and you will undoubtedly get inspiration by the other layouts being displayed!

--> NOTE - I had originally mentioned that next week was an "off" week for our study, BUT that is no longer the case.  We had a "Snow Day" here that cancelled classes last week so we are actually having class after all.  That means, I'll post Session 4 next Thursday!  See you then!

:) Mags

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